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How to Schedule Recording

Free Audio Recorder Deluxe provides you a time trigged recording ability to auto-record in case there's a show on you like while you've got other obligations. A scheduler is provided to set the time in such a way that the application starts automatically at a specified time to perform the recording, and closes automatically. You have to specify the time for the recording to start/stop or the recording duration you want. As you gain more experience, you will find other great options in the scheduler to help you conveniently produce recordings when you are not near the computer.

1. Activate Schedule Recording Window

Launch Free Audio Recorder Deluxe. Click "Schedule" to activate schedule recording window.

Activate Schedule Recording Window

2. Schedule Recording Data & Time

Check "Enable Schedule Recording". You can select the schedule to be involved with Once, Daily or Weekly.

Once - with this option the scheduled recording will be performed only once at the selected date and time for the specified duration.

Daily - with this option the scheduled recording will be performed daily at the selected time and for the specified duration, starting from the date specified by Start Date to the date specified by Expire Date.

Weekly - with this option the scheduled recording will be performed weekly at the selected days from Monday to Sunday.

In "Time" section, you can specify the starting time & ending time that is precise to seconds by entering the number or clicking the Up/Down arrow. Then, click "OK" to save all your settings of schedule recording. Now, play the program that you want to record and it will be automatically recorded at the specified time.

Schedule Recording Data & Time

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